Your dental health is what we care for!

Only on our lips exists the smile, but laughter draws its origin and grace from the teeth.

Joseph Joubert (1754 - 1824), French moralist

For us, the team of triadent Mitte, your dental health and well-being are at the heart of our work.
We reserve a good deal of time for extensive consultations and a broadly based diagnose so that, together with you, we develop a plan of theraphy based on your wishes.
A lot of emphasis is put on systematical, all areas of oral health encompassing treatments.
Competency in what we do is given through constant education, updating and personal development of all of our team: us the dentist, as well as our staff, since this is an essential part of providing first-class dental medical care. As is, your personal well-being while in our dental practise and during your therapy here.
The use of first-grade technical materials, as well as advanced technical equipment are to us a matter of fact.
We endevaour to work according to the latest scientific principles and can guarantee you modern and future-proof treatment solutions.
For ways of treatment beyond our core competency, such as orthodonty, we closely work together with highly-qualified outside partners and would therefore we pleased to arrange a consultation by one of these.

Your dental health is what we care for! 

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